Hungry Shark

Today is a perfect day to go to the beach. People have come out of their houses to enjoy the sun and the fresh water, but who would say that everything would make such a drastic change. It seems that a new threat is creating a panic among people. In Hungry Shark you have to be one of the most feared creatures in the oceans. You will be a hungry shark that will have to look for its food on the shore of the beach. You should be fast, your energy will be depleted and if you can not eat anything it will be your end. If you need it, you can use the button with the arrow that is located on the right of the screen to increase your speed. Break the boats if necessary, make the people on the boats fall or get close to the edge of the water and jump on the people who are sunbathing. You are a huge predator and they will fear you when they see you, but they won't be able to escape, so swim freely and look for your next prey before your time runs out!

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