Crazy Kick!

If you like sports and compete, this is the game for you. In Crazy Kick the rules have changed, if you thought you were going to be the captain of your team, you were wrong. This time you will be the ball and you must meet your goals. You will have to drive the ball with the mouse until you reach the goal and score a goal, but it will not be so easy. On the court you will meet your opponents who will try to prevent the ball from reaching the goal. You will have to get rid of them and for that you will have to dodge them and protect the ball so that they do not take it from you. Get all the keys you can, every three you get, you will receive a prize with coins, these will serve to buy a new ball. You can also get coins on the playing field, you will see them distributed in different parts. Pass all the levels and make the best plays!

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