Car Eats Car: Evil Cars

The police are chasing you, but if they thought you were going to make it easy for them, they were wrong. In this game you are a destroyer car, you will have to reach your lair without getting caught. Meanwhile, you should hurry up, the police are looking for you and if they find you, they will want to finish you off. You will have to go fast, if any car gets in your way, destroy and commit it. Grab all the diamonds you find and all the objects that appear, they will serve to improve your life and to recharge the turbo. If you are in trouble, press the fall so you can use the turbo and increase your speed so that you are not caught. Diamonds will help you increase your speed, improve your damage, buy bombs and everything you need to beat the boss who will be waiting for you at the end of the game. Beat the levels and go unlocking other missions and buy more aggressive cars!

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